Trunks and pan lemon fanfiction

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trunks and pan lemon fanfiction

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The lemon part will happen in the middle of the chapter so I'll warn you As Trunks slowly backed away from Pan, he started walking towards.
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Well, I'm getting into like a sexy, spanking type thing so, here you go. She was flying home from Bra's apartment, thinking about what her friend had told her. He was dominant.
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Special notes on my stories: I primarily write maturely so the lowest most of my stories go is PG I am also very open-minded and will write stories that defy all sorts of stereotypes, controversial issues, etc.

It's me again And guess what Writing romance Let's get on with it And yes, it's the lemon part, so please be aware!

I'm back with another oneshot. It's short. Rated M for Sex in the shower so yeah.

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  1. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Romance - Pan, Trunks Oh it has a lot of lemon, so if you don't like lemon please read now further.

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