Stephanie and sportacus kiss

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stephanie and sportacus kiss
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She was twirling in front of her bedroom mirror, a cloud of pink gauze and silk whirling around her. - This is a drawing I made for my group, lazytown couples.

All it takes is true love's kiss. (SportaSteph) Disclaimer: I me tomorrow with a kiss?" Stephanie laughed, sitting beside her mother on the bed.
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But I wanted to make it into a fic form, to show the idea on how Jao had written out for Sportacus. - Being back in Lazytown sure made Stephanie happy, her hair has grown out very long and a bit wavy pink hair, her body mature to a very grown woman.

It was just a normal day in LazyTown as a year-old Stephanie Meanswell woke up, she quickly brushed her teeth and with a ballet spin she got dressed into her usual pink outfit and her pink headband with minimum glitter and as always her pink bracelets. She ate it all up, cleaned up, kissed her uncle good-bye then headed outside to play. Outside around the park she found her friends Ziggy,Stingy,Pixel, and Trixie playing some basketball. Stephanie walked over to where they are. Ziggy threw the ball but instead of throwing the ball he threw himself up into the basket instead and got stuck. Stephanie and her friends down on the ground tried there best to get him out but no use. Up in the airship was Sportacus where his crystal beeped.


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