Link and sidon

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Prince Sidon

link and sidon

Link and Sidon

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A Love Letter to Breath of the Wild’s Prince Sidon

The Hyrule of Breath of the Wild is a lonely, ruined world, its wide expanses inhabited by just-out-of-reach memories, ghosts, moss-covered ruins, monsters and trepidatious travelers. Settlements are scattered, their residents more focused on rebuilding than forging new connections with strangers.
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch makes Sidon your humble steed

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The only time Link is supposed to ride Sidon is in the battle against Divine Beast Vah Ruta, with Link shooting arrows while Sidon zips across the water. Be warned though, as it is still unclear if the glitch has any negative effect on the game. Sidon does not look like an efficient mode of transportation, but it sure looks fun to see Link riding him across Hyrule. At the very least, the glitch may provide a bit of entertainment while fans wait for the release of the next The Legend of Zelda games. The wait will soon be over, as the game will be rolled out for the Nintendo Switch on September It appears that the game will keep the locations and aesthetics of the first game, but with Zelda to play a bigger role alongside Link.


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  1. Although the games lead us to believe Zelink is canon, many like to think that Sidon and link would make a great pair because Sidon is very supportive and kind to Link.

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