Shameless carl and kassidi

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'Shameless' Newbie Sammi Hanratty on Crazy Kassidi and the Season 8 Finale

shameless carl and kassidi
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A Day With Kimmy Granger & friends

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The penultimate episode is always a difficult one to review. There is always the possibility that you could critique a show like Shameless for not doing something, and then the finale reveals that not doing the thing was all part of its plan.
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'Shameless' Recap: Katey Sagal and Courteney Cox Are Coming. Kassidi Is Still Murdered

Carl Gallagher is a main character., Is it still uncomfortable to see a white politician visit an African American woman on her doorstep, presume she supports the African American candidate exclusively because she wants to support her own race, but then convince her to support an old white dude instead because of some potholes on her street?

Kassidi meets Carl when he takes her and others in.
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"A Gallagher Pedicure"



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  1. I know that there are a lot of folks who might watch Shameless from week to week and get bent out of shape about how unrealistic some of the storylines are.

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