Ghost and tasha sex

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“Power” Flashbacks – The Moment Tasha Gives Shawn A Lethal Lesson [S2, Ep. 6]

ghost and tasha sex
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Tasha St. Patrick

Since the crazy ending of episode 5 , the tables have turned and now Holly is asking Angela all the questions. Holly realizes that Angela is trying to save Ghost and herself.

Only two episodes away from the season finale, there is so much drama ahead on " Power. Furthermore , Ghost patience is tested to save his family. Also, Tommy strives to get revenge on the people who killed Julio. While Ghost was in jail, two lawyers worked hard to get him exonerated, One of the lawyers started developing a crush on Tasha. The secret crushing started during Ghost's jail sentencing.

Ultimately, St. Patrick obliges, but not before surprising the opposition with a little federal drug raid. As part of his twisted and vengeful plan to get back at Ghost for taking his son away from him, Kanan takes Tariq to the hood to look at sneakers. So, Tariq steals a pair of sneakers. Ghost visits Tasha following Career Day and it's obvious that their bond is as strong as ever. Damn, James!

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  1. After taking a week-long hiatus, Power returned to TV tonight and continued where the last episode ended.

  2. 'Power' Season 3, Episode 9 recap: Ghost and Tasha have sex. Power Recap: How Ghost Got His Groove Back — Plus: Who Died Now?.

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