Takumi and gii kiss

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Takumi Kun 5 - Sweet Kisses

takumi and gii kiss
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Takumi-kun Series: Gii x Takumi kissing scene. #Takumi #Takumi #Gii # DaiMao #Mao #Hamao #Kyousuke #Watanabe. More information. More information.
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Takumi kun ... slow motion

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Gay movies always remain as the hottest issue in movies industry. There are so many gay movies that you can watch in anywhere, from Thailand, to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, America, China, and so on. I absolutely can not watch every BL types BL means Boys Love , since there are some sensitive scenes which i think really unimpropriate to me. BL movies that i am really into is the pure, touching one. It has an epic levels including 5 movies with non-stop hits and crazy reaction from the audiences. The movies are about the high school boys names Shidou, a high school placed in the mountain. The main role is Hayama Takumi, a sensitive, shy boy who afraid of being touched by others.

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