Gabby and hobbie stuart dating

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gabby and hobbie stuart dating
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Will Zoella ever forgive Gabriella Lindley? YouTube star reveals why pair spectacularly fell out

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Category: British polish dating., A YouTube star who previously announced that he was to father twins has revealed that the woman involved faked her pregnancy.

Zoella fans were sent into a spin last night as fellow vlogger Gabriella Lindley finally addressed the pair's falling out in a 28 minute video posted to YouTube last night, which has already racked up over , views. Gabby, who struck up a friendship with Zoella aka Zoe Sugg last year, even appearing on each other's vlogs, spoke candidly about why the pair were no longer friends. So close. And I classed her as my absolute best friend. Gabby also addressed the online hate she's been receiving and aplogisied to anyone she's ever offended. Explaining why she decided to finally speak out, the aspiring singer said: "It's got to the point where I'm just a bit like, I don't want to keep things in anymore. I would rather you just know things then hopefully that can stop and you can get back to liking me, if you don't like me now for whatever reason.


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