Cartoon panty shot

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cartoon panty shot
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Little Dolly Girl In Cute Kitty Panties

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In relation to anime and manga , the term refers to an image in which a female character's briefs are exposed for any length of time in contrast to the original meaning, which stipulates a brief 'flash' of undergarment.
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They play a significant role in Dragon Ball 's early comic relief and fan service, which is mostly exploitation of Bulma.,




5 thoughts on “Cartoon panty shot

  1. Cartoons from the 90's are Panty Crazy I mean look at this on of Happy from the Cartoon Tabaluga are they trying to turn kids into perverts?.

  2. In common parlance, a photographic angle in movies, animations, or stills that allows the viewer a tantalizing glimpse of a woman's panty clad nether regions.

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