Full ksi vs logan paul fight

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KSI vs Logan Paul

full ksi vs logan paul fight
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The first bout between the YouTube stars ended in a draw Prior to the Manchester Arena bout in August, both the YouTube stars had already penned an agreement for a two-fight deal, although the location for the second was up for discussion, and widely expected to be in the US.
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KSI vs Logan Paul rematch: When is second fight between YouTubers set to take place?

Sign in. - KSI and Logan Paul rematch has long been mooted, but has constantly been put off.

KSI vs Logan Paul was a white-collar amateur boxing match between two YouTubers, KSI (real . Its design features an eagle with its wings fully spread atop a golden globe with a crown at its centre. The belt was . The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, along with the undercard fights including Deji vs. Jake Paul, was.
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KSI vs Logan Paul fight

KSI V Logan Paul is the banner name for the two-part boxing match between KSI and Logan KSI VS. Logan Paul - FULL FIGHT KSIvsLogan. The main event.
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KSI V Logan Paul



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  1. The fight ended in a majority draw , with two judges scoring it 5757 and the other 5857 in favour of KSI.

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